Thursday, January 04, 2007

You just won 10,000,000 dollars!

Well this morning I prepared my publishers clearing house papers to send off in the mail. My chances are slim, but I figure "hey! why not". May was eating breakfast and we both gave the envelope a kiss for good luck and talked about what we would do if we won that money. The only think she was concerned about was that she would like a Roboraptor. (I'm thinking it's going to be a birthday present) So after talking for awhile about it and getting ready to leave she asked if she was going to see the truck delivering the money after school. To which I had to tell her that no we didn't win anything-probably wouldn't win anything and that it's just fun to talk about. After school she said we should check the mail to see if the money was there. Again I had to correct her. Finally at supper she said "So, mom when we win the money..." and then I just glared at her and didn't have to say a thing. She simply said "If we win the money" and continued on her way. Yikes!

It has been a really good week. I am trying to be more organized which is allowing me more time for myself and with the girls. I am finding Lydia is more and more miss independent, but am trying to incorporate that into her helping me. She wants to do everything. I am noticing her and Mayme playing more and more together. It's really fun to watch. Mayme was pretending she was a train and had Lydia holding on to her and they were choo choo-ing all over the house. It's just a nice sight to see and fun to her their laughter. Mayme starts her roller skating be continued.


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